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The mac pro 2019 edition with ARM-support

Current mac pro 2013 edition.

Apple released the now famous trash can macpro in 2013 that was supposed to serve the pro-community well for the years to come.

It did badly. In Apples own terms they painted them selves into a thermal corner. Around that time they seemed to have lost interest in the Intel-hardware-line.

But the ipad-device did not mature the way Apple had envisioned so they began to invest more in the mac-hardware some years after the trash can failure.


The imac pro 2017 edition.

Late 2017 Apple released a pro-version of the imac with xeon-cpu’s, ECC-ram, ssd-only storage. That packed a lot of power into the imac-enclosure. They also promised a new mac pro would see the light in 2019.


The mac pro 2019 edition. With ARM-support.

Apple have taken it’s time to design this mac pro so it can stand out as the obvious choice for the pro-user. It will retain the Intel Xeon to accomodate current software used by pro-users. It will  be more expandable than the trash can, more space inside so a return to some sort of tower model.

But to withstand the wear and tear of time it must also serve the needs five years from now. And being more expandable and upgradable I think it will have support for the ARM-cpu.

This way Apple can serve it’s current users while also paving the way for the expected ARM-transition that the mac-lineup will go through.

One way to solve this is with hardware-virtualization so both the Intel- and the ARM-cpu can run at the same time. This will require a lot of ressources from Apple. Another way to handle this is by choosing what architecture to boot when the mac pro is powered on.